Site Credits and Thanks

Collective Museum was commissioned by the UC Santa Cruz Institute of the Arts and Sciences, a unit of the Division of the Arts.

The website for Collective Museum was developed and programmed by Matt Blair of Elsewise, with graphic design developed by Molly Sherman of Public Doors and Windows.

The website was edited by John Weber, Founding Director of the Institute of the Arts and Sciences, and Rachel Nelson, Ph.D. candidate in Visual Studies, UC Santa Cruz, co-curators of the Collective Museum project.

Photos of the site contributors and photos of the sites by Nolan Calisch, except where noted here. Historical and archive photos were contributed by the people and sites they represent. Our thanks to the UC Santa Cruz McHenry Library and its Special Collections for archival photos of student demonstrations during the anti-Apartheid divestiture, and for permission to photograph the John Cage mushroom collections. Grateful Dead collection images are reproduced courtesy of the Grateful Dead Archive, UC Santa Cruz McHenry Library Special Collections. Scans of 19th century observer logbooks from Lick Observatory are reproduced courtesy of the UC Observatories and the Lick Observatory Collections Project. The image for the Humanities II tuition protest is reproduced with permission from Alex Darocy.

As its name signals, Collective Museum is a project involving many participants and contributors. The Institute of the Arts and Sciences thank everyone who made it possible:

Artists Nolan Calisch, Harrell Fletcher, Molly Sherman

Our site narrators, who are represented by their portraits in this show

James Clifford and Miranda July, catalogue contributors

The students who participated in walks, made the sculptures for this show, and helped hang it, whose names appear at the entry to the gallery

Shelby Graham, Mary Porter Sesnon Gallery Director and Curator

Mark Shunney, Sesnon Gallery Assistant Curator and Manager

Carrie Hoffman, the Charles Griffin Farr CUIP Intern

Cynthia Cao, art installer for the gallery walls around campus

Victoria May, graphic designer

Professors Dee Hibbert-Jones and A. Laurie Palmer, whose students made sculptures for the show

Jack Wolcott and Zafiro Vaca Miranda, lead student sculptors

All the students who made sculptures, helped plan and lead tours, and helped hang the show as part of the Sesnon Gallery Class:

Ali Gabriella Anaya
Samantha Rose Barnes
Matt Beach
Roan Bontempo
Kyra Brandt
Brescia Rose
Ezzie Degiovanni
Sarah Do
William Escobar “Heisenberg”
Julia Fouser
Jennifer J. Gomez
Ricardo Lopez
Yesenia Lopez
Yolanda Luna Calderón
Silvia Ordoñez
Melissa Ortiz
Julia Pierce
Jerome W. Reed III
Oscar R. Sanchez
Mason Arakel Scharer
Justin Schwarze
Rachel Smith
Claire Hope
Veronica Wang
Annie Weber
Julianna Chavez
Melinda Thao
Erick Medel
Jairo Banuelos
Richard Desanto
Alina Sobotta
Vincent Kammer
Haley Belenis
Holly Eichrodt
Victoria Plokin
Javier Almanza
Corrina Cervantez
Erika Diaz
Holly Eichrodt
Henry James Foster
William Howley
Hannie Jordan
Ivan Kovacevich
Jenna McFarland
Danielle Morris
Mindy Nguyen
Dallas Plumley
Kaelieann Saechao
Sofia Scherer
Sara Shahbazi
Hanna St. Dennis
Jake Stofan
Taylor Sullivan
Jun Zafra
Georgina Rios
Angelica D’Egidio
Hanna St. Dennis
Sofia Bundy
Solana Feldthouse
Casey Rubenfeld
Cameron DeLa Torre
Roman Zangari
Zoe Latzer
Allison Jensen
Justine Neves
Carmela Ongtengco
Jemerson Macalino
K’Love Mercader

Kurt and Erik from the UCSC Sign Shop

Peter Harris, DARC Digital Imaging Specialist

Chloe Yantis, Digital Imaging Printer

Brian Quan, Art Department Operations Manager

Ramiro Casillas and the UCSC Paint Shop

John Barnes, Campus Architect and Associate Vice Chancellor for Physical Planning & Construction

David Yager, Dean of the Arts, Emeritus

Bill Ladusaw, Interim Dean of the Arts

Paul Koch, Dean of the Physical and Biological Sciences

Tyler Stovall, Dean of the Humanities

Sheldon Kamienieki, Dean of the Social Sciences

Sue Matthews, Assistant Vice Chancellor for Colleges, Housing, and Educational Services

Pedro Reguerin, Director of Equal Opportunity Services

Oriana Gliessman, Facilities Administrative Specialist, Physical and Biological Sciences

Katie Robinson, IAS Senior Director of Development

Pam Dewey, Program Assistant, Division of Social Sciences

Funding for Collective Museum was generously provided by the UC Institute for Research in the Arts, Nion McEvoy ’74 and the McEvoy Family Fund, Pat Rebele ’88 and Rowland Rebele, Jock Reynolds ’69, the Alumni Fund for Visiting Artists, the Arts Dean’s Fund for Excellence, and annual donors to the IAS